Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Version 9.12.0 Free

Assign your PC with any nationality you choose and allow it to bypass any IP restrictions

Hotspot Shield is a free VPN software program, which enables users to visit restricted websites. It's especially popular outside of the USA due to the fact that it enables users to visit American websites restricted to users from other parts of the world, such as the movies website Hulu, the music website Pandora, and others.
How does Hotspot Shield work?
VPN (Virtual Private Network) software programs simply create a private link between your PC and the software program's server, in this instance Hotspot Shield. The server which is situated in the USA (or England, or any number of alternatives) makes you one of its extensions and shares its Internet connection with you. This way, websites think you're browsing from the USA, which will have you seeing ads aimed at Americans in sites such as Google and Facebook, but which will also have you gaining access to content available for Americans only, such as American broadcasting networks' movies, and so on and so forth.
Accessing restricted websites
Many countries block different websites, such as Facebook or YouTube, to local users due to a variety of reasons (although the main one is regulations set by the administration), making users ask themselves "how can I bypass this Facebook or YouTube restrictions?"). They then turn to Hotspot Shield to find the solution.
Hotspot Shield's main shortcoming is the many ads that cover expansive areas of your screen, however, should you want to rid yourselves of them, you'll just have to purchase the registered version which will enable you to browse ad-free in exchange for a few dollars. In addition, users sometimes feel that their PC have slowed down, as they now have to pass through another station on their way to the desired website, but as long as your average browsing speed is good enough, you'll find you can view movies and play songs without any special issues, so this problem is not a serious one.
One of the software program's other advantages lies in its encryption capabilities. The information you transfer over the Internet is encrypted and impervious to interception attempts. This means you can browse while remaining anonymous, while keeping websites oblivious as to what country you're browsing from, and while other parties will find it hard to keep track of your online activities.
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